I want to give a big shout-out to the office volunteers that help out every week, particularly with the phone calls. People call in looking for resources, or asking how to find a community provider, or parents looking for a runaway family member…We’ve had a call from a Social Worker in North Carolina, a family friend in New Jersey, a Mom in Cheney, and a Grandmom raising her grandkids here in Spokane. (This may sound like you but these examples are general representations.)

Recently, Randi O’Brian collated the calls we receive and how we handled them. She was pleasantly impressed at how knowledgeable our volunteers are and how well they handled the phone calls. From Randi’s work it became clear that our support line provides a huge support in our community.

We’d like to expand the hours that we provide a bona fide listening ear. We have both morning and afternoon shifts available. Call 509-838-5515 if you’d like to join our office volunteers.

Our exceptional office volunteers currently include Doug Harmon, Scott Bowmer, Demaris Aragon, and Shari Manikowski.

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